Far Infrared Sauna


Give your body the attention is deserves by treating it to a far infrared sauna session. Infrared saunas are a great, relaxing way to experience heat therapy. In addition to the relaxation these saunas induce, you can also reap the benefits of circulation improvement, pain relief, detoxification, and even lose weight.

By naturally heating up the body, the infrared sauna can create reactions of increased heart rate and sweating. These reactions can be achieved at lower temperatures than a traditional sauna and therefore can be open for more people to try. By heating the body directly, the warmth can penetrate deeper into the body, allowing for more pain relief.

Infrared heat is completely safe. In fact, we experience it every day. Traditional saunas heat the air around you and can become dangerous to those with health conditions and can also make breathing difficult.

Experience the benefits of heat therapy through far infrared saunas. They will provide the warmth and relaxation your body has been craving. Allow the perspiration to remove all the impurities from your body and leave you with a fresh start. Pain and stress will be minimized, your skin will look healthier, and your body will have an all around lighter feel.

Infrared Health Sauna

45 Minute Session$55
60 Minute Session$70

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