Lymph Care

The lymph nodes are spread across the entire body in a careful network. Their job is to prevent infection from spreading from one area to another. They do this through a system of filters that catches the infection in the nodes before it can make it any further in the body. That is why doctors often check for swollen lymph nodes when they are trying to determine a person’s health. Usually, once the infection in a person’s body is cleared up, any swollen lymph nodes in the region will go back to their normal size. However, there are occasions when they can’t do this alone. And that is when lymph care is needed.

Lymph care helps relieve congested lymph nodes by liquefying the lymph fluid inside the nodes that has coagulated. This, in turn, decongests the filters that have been clogged up. The body can’t perform this function on its own because the lymph system doesn’t have a pump to push the lymph fluid through.

Having lymph care performed after an infection is important because lymph nodes that have been clogged up for too long can decrease the efficiency of the immune system. They can also cause other uncomfortable health conditions, such as brain fog, lethargy, and weight gain. Sometimes, women with severe cellulite also find that the main contributor to the problem is their congested lymph nodes.