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 Deep Tissue – a “non-invasive” approach allows the release of chronic muscle tension in a way that is highly effective without leaving you feeling as if you’ve been run over by a MAC truck the next day. During this treatment hydrotherapy, warm stones and cupping may be used to achieve maximum results.

CHAKRA BALANCING WARM STONE MASSAGE – warm, smooth stones are used to in a rhythmic sequence of strokes designed to soothe taut muscles. Larger stones are nestled on several chakras points to usher the mind and spirit into the depths of relaxation. This treatment is truly an experience for the body, the mind and the spirit.

COLD STONE MIGRAINE MASSAGE – perfect for those who suffer from migraines and frequent headaches alike. Acupressure is used to release tension in both areas then cold marble stones are applied to diffuse heat and reduce inflammation. This treatment is also very effective as a safe, non-toxic maintenance plan to keep migraines at bay.

FHN – (face/head/neck) – an excellent therapy for teeth grinders, TMJ suffers and those who carry their stress in these areas. Releasing tension in these three areas alone can effectively minimize discomfort and alleviate soreness throughout the entire body.

KEEP IT MOVIN – this abdominal massage is crucial for chronic constipation suffers and is a great prelude to your colonic session. This treatment also includes hydrotherapy and foot reflexology.

BACK TO THE BASICS – this entire session focuses solely on your back. Cupping, warm stones, hydrotherapy and varying degrees of pressure are used to eliminate the chronic tightness and pain that are causing your daily discomfort.

Don’t see a session that meets your need? No worries! Just book the length of time you would like your session to last (60/90/120 minutes) and we will discuss the issues you want like to address when you arrive.

CANCELLATION POLICY for massage therapy requires a FULL 24 hour notice. Late cancellation fee is ½ of the cost of the full session. This policy is strongly enforced.

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