Ozone Steam Sauna

The Ozone Steam Sauna invites relaxation and healthful oxygenation into the body, which leads to essential detoxification. The combination of ozone therapy and sauna therapy leaves the body rested, detoxified, and full of oxygen-rich tissues and cells.


You should add the Ozone Steam Sauna to your spa treatment if:

  • You need to boost the health and oxygen levels of your cells
  • You want to rid your body of toxins
  • You want to relax yet emerge with a clear and centered mind
  • You have a specific health condition and want to try a natural treatment to help support your body and to complement other treatments


What are the benefits of ozone therapy and sauna therapy when combined?

Combined ozone therapy and sauna therapy in our ozone steam sauna has numerous health benefits that extend far beyond a relaxing spa day. You will burn anywhere from 200 – 400 calories per ozone steam sauna session while also sweating out toxins such as pesticides and acidic waste. Your body’s immune system will also be stimulated, which will lead to increased immune system support as well as a higher white blood cell count. Ozone Steam Saunas also create an ideal condition for purifying the skin by opening pores and letting the toxins out.


Can the Ozone Steam Sauna help specific health conditions naturally?

Yes, the ozone steam sauna is great for a variety of health conditions including cancer, joint problems, disc problems, diabetic problems, allergies, arthritis, tinnitus, chronic fatigue system, fibromyalgia, and common autoimmune disorders. Ozone helps to prevent tumors, stimulate the blood, release tension, build strength in the immune system, cleanse the liver, purify the skin, energize the cells, strengthens the mind, and increases the oxygen within the blood. While the Ozone Steam Sauna will leave you with fresh, oxygenated, and purified skin, it will also provide a great health benefit to your body.

For more information about our Ozone Steam Sauna services and pricing, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss your concerns and answer any questions you may have about the spa treatment.


Each Service Has A Duration of 30 minutes

Single Session

Only $80

Package of 5