Rapid Recovery

The body’s lymphatic system is a key player in immune function and overall health. In addition to lymph nodes and vessels, it includes the spleen, thymus, tonsils, and adenoids. When this critical system becomes blocked or damaged, frequently from surgery, radiation, or injury, lymph fluid is not able to circulate freely and immune function is compromised. When lymph fluid pools in any or all the four extremities, it is called lymphedema and can result in very painful, swollen, bruised limbs that are difficult to move. Since the lymphatic system relies on movement to help carry fluid, immobility further compounds the problem, possibly leading to even more swelling.

Rapid Recovery Lymphatic Therapy combines Electro Lymphatic Drainage and MediCupping Vacuum therapies to move accumulated lymph fluid more efficiently back to the heart. Electro Lymphatic Drainage involves using vibrational, light, and sound waves to dislodge lymphatic waste products and promote freer flow of the lymph fluid, while MediCupping Vacuum therapy relies on gentle suction to further enhance lymphatic drainage. This brings down the swelling, removes toxins, and results in increased oxygen delivery to the soft tissues.

This Rapid Recovery protocol is used both before and after surgery, such as mastectomy or other cancer removal procedures to promote maximum health and potential for healing. When combined with mental preparation, research has shown such physical intervention promotes enhanced recovery, rejuvenation, and results from surgery. This is because this innovative and research-supported therapy works to mobilize the body’s own healing abilities.