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The colon, or large intestine, is a vital part of the body’s digestive system. It is where water is absorbed and where bodily waste is stored before being expelled from the body. The colon is also home to over 700 species of good bacteria, called gut flora, which perform various functions related to digestion and expelling waste.

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Deep Tissue – a “non-invasive” approach allows the release of chronic muscle tension in a way that is highly effective without leaving you feeling as if you’ve been run over by a MAC truck the next day. During this treatment hydrotherapy, warm stones and cupping may be used to achieve maximum results.

Body Treatment

Every day our bodies are exposed to the pollution in the air, the sun’s UV damage, and the toxins consumed in processed foods. This is more of a reason to treat yourself to professional treatments that can help not only rid toxins but also restores your natural youth and beauty.

Ozone Steam Sauna

The Ozone Steam Sauna invites relaxation and healthful oxygenation into the body, which leads to essential detoxification. The combination of ozone therapy and sauna therapy leaves the body rested, detoxified, and full of oxygen-rich tissues and cells.

Micro Nutrient Testing

Micronutrients are vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are a part of your diet. Sometimes we don’t get quite enough micronutrients in our bodies. Deficiencies in micronutrients can results in a number of health issues. The only solution is to go through micronutrient testing to discover if you are suffering from deficiencies.

Electro Lymphatic Therapy

The lymphatic system is a complex network of organs, tissues, nodes and vessels designed to move fluid between the tissues and cells, fight infection and filter toxins out of the body. Over time and in response to certain conditions and circumstances, the lymphatic system can become overwhelmed, stagnant and dysfunctional.

Jumpstart Packages

Some restrictions may apply, prices are subject to change. All packages must be used within 6 months of purchase date and are not refundable. Packages are exchangeable for store credit, which can be applied towards other services, excluding iV therapy.

Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite is a complicated skin condition requiring smart advanced techniques to see significant improvement. By working within the lymphatic system and thoroughly cleansing the soft tissues, blood flow increases, connective bands loosen, fluid retention diminishes, and skin begins to tighten and smooth.

Healthy Weight Loss

While a healthy diet and dedicated exercise routine are commonly suggested components for healthy weight loss, there are some cases where these steps are simply not enough. Few outside of the medical profession are aware that certain health conditions can contribute dramatically to excess weight.

Ionic Detox Foot Spa

Tired, chafed, and weary feet are given the Ionic Detox Foot Spa treatment for a 45-minute session filled with pure relaxation. Wash away stress and cleanse your feet at the same time with the Ionic Detox Foot Spa. Our Ionic Detox Foot Spa is the next best thing to visiting an actual hot spring.

Rapid Recovery

The body’s lymphatic system is a key player in immune function and overall health. In addition to lymph nodes and vessels, it includes the spleen, thymus, tonsils, and adenoids. When this critical system becomes blocked or damaged, frequently from surgery, radiation, or injury, lymph fluid is not able to circulate freely and immune function is compromised.

Whole Body Thermogrpghy

Thermography is a functional test that tracks your Autonomic Nervous System and blood flow responses.  Founded on 30 years of research and designed by German doctors specializing in Integrative Medicine, European Thermography reveals a vast amount of insightful information about your health.

Lymph Care

The lymph nodes are spread across the entire body in a careful network. Their job is to prevent infection from spreading from one area to another. They do this through a system of filters that catches the infection in the nodes before it can make it any further in the body. That is why doctors often check for swollen lymph nodes when they are trying to determine a person’s health.

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