Cellulite Reduction

Outsmarting Cellulite With Smart Beauty Science: Remove Toxins And Return Smooth Skin

Let’s be honest. Cellulite relief equals more than just a topical lotion containing caffeine.

Lumpy Fat And Connective Tissue Create Pucker

Cellulite is a normal skin condition that affects at least 90% of women, and the dimpled or “cottage cheese” fat is generally found on your behind, thighs and belly. It doesn’t matter how active your body is because even super athletes can develop cellulite. The spongy fat also doesn’t discriminate on size because supermodels have been photographed with it too.

There is a proper approach to attacking cellulite effectively, so its appearance can be reduced and purified in a healthy and intelligent way. That means using unique therapies without invasive treatments.

Natural And Scientifically Advanced Solutions Work

Detox Spa of La Jolla is at the forefront of permanent cellulite reduction, helping women regain the confidence to show off their figures with smoother, tauter and healthier skin.

There are plenty of spas promising real results, but few utilize the beauty technology behind the hype. Cove Wellness understands that to battle cellulite successfully, the treatment must follow a two-pronged method delivered by experienced and skilled spa technicians.

For example, Electro Lymphatic Therapy with MediCupping Vacuum Therapies have been designed to purify the lymphatic system, draw out trapped toxins and reinvigorate the natural flow throughout the body.

Bye-Bye Bloat And Sluggish Fat Deposits

Cellulite is a complicated skin condition requiring smart advanced techniques to see significant improvement. By working within the lymphatic system and thoroughly cleansing the soft tissues, blood flow increases, connective bands loosen, fluid retention diminishes, and skin begins to tighten and smooth.

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