Liver Detoxification

Sep 5, 2023

Why Detox?

Toxins are substances that have harmful effects on your body. They are unavoidable in this highly toxic world of processed foods, stress, pollution, cell towers, radiation, etc. Toxins invade the body through the environment (auto exhaust, heavy metals, pesticides, etc.), personal lifestyle choices (fast foods, cosmetics, alcohol, prescription drugs, etc.), and internal processes (bacterial and fungal overgrowth, stress, undigested food, emotional trauma, etc) When toxins build up in the body, the body’s natural detoxification processes, mostly carried out by the liver (along with the G.I tract and kidneys), work to eliminate them. When the G.I tract is not functioning optimally it puts a huge burden on the liver. If toxin levels become too high these systems become overwhelmed and it can lead to various symptoms like fatigue, nausea, skin issues, organ damage, brain fog, and a struggle to lose weight, The list goes on and on. One can feel quite ill and most doctors overlook the need to detox.

The liver is the main organ used to clear out toxins, assimilating and packaging nutrients for use while detoxifying hundreds of chemicals in two phases, called biotransformation. If the liver is not functioning properly, every other system in the body is compromised, hence the long list of symptoms.

The liver goes through two phases of natural detoxification. Phase 1 is a series of enzymes that change harmful fat-soluble toxins into substances called intermediary metabolites. These metabolites are very toxic and must go through phase 2 to quickly become less toxic. Phase 2 are molecules that attach to the intermediary metabolites. This process makes everything non-toxic and water-soluble so they can be eliminated through stool and urine.

Here at Rockwall Complete Health and Wellness we have had and continue to have great success with our CORE RESTORE program.

Core Restore

The Core Restore program is designed to help restore the body’s innate detoxification and elimination functions. It provides the body with the essentials to support detoxification: macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and clean protein. The program promotes proper digestion of food, absorption of nutrients, and elimination of toxins to ultimately restore wellness. It incorporates dietary recommendations and nutritional supplementation to help achieve your goal. It is a gentle 14-day program and easy to manage during your work day.

Its goals are to Remove, Restore, and Revitalize which include a decreased influx of toxins (which cause food allergies and sensitivities), improved absorption of nutrients, reduced stress hormone response, and enhanced immune system function.

We generally have our weight loss patients do this program first, a clean liver helps aid weight loss.

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