Sep 11, 2023

Our AlfaSight thermography machine measures 120 specific points located on the face and torso. The body is then exposed to cool air. After 10 minutes the same points are re-measured to see how each organ managed under the stress of the cool down. The organs’ ability to regulate provides information about the cellular and metabolic function or dysfunction. With AlfaSight, we can see what the body is doing before it becomes dysfunctional. Early detection is important for timely and effective treatment.

MRI’s, X-rays and other scans tell us about body structure and thermograms tell us about function of glands, organs and the immune system. So the thermograms inform patients where the body is out of balance and what glands and organs need support.

Thermography helps to identify patterns of dysfunction even before we label or diagnose conditions. Early detection often prevents us from having to use more invasive or aggressive means of treatment. It is non-invasive, painless and provides the doctor with thorough Information to identify any existing health imbalances, as well as potential problem areas.

Organs & Tissues that are measured, all at once:


1. Breasts
2. Ovaries
3. Uterus
4. Pancreas
5. Colon
6. Prostate
7. Gallbladder
8. Small Intestine
9. Heart
10. Spinal Column
11. Kidney
12. Stomach
13. Liver
14. Teeth
15. Lymph
16. Sinus
17. Thyroid

European health professionals and major hospitals have used thermography for more than 30 years. In 1997 the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared thermography for use, and progressive health professionals nationwide are utilizing this process. Until now thermograms were done in select doctor’s offices.

Regulation Thermography has been cleared by the FDA as an adjunctive diagnostic testing device with an indication for exploration and possible understanding of the following conditions:

1. Abnormalities of the female breasts
2. Peripheral vascular disease
3. Musco-skeletal disorders
4. Extracranial, cerebral, and facial vascular disease
5. Abnormalities of the thyroid gland
6. Various neoplastic & inflammatory conditions

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